Giants’ Mike Sullivan Acknowledges Need for Adjustments

The New York Giants went into their Week 8 bye fortunate to be 4-3, and with a ton of work to do. The offense ranks last in the NFL in rushing (70.3 yards per game) and tied for 26th in points (19 points per game). With Eli Manning under center, and a dynamic trio of wide receivers in Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard, the lack of production has been especially frustrating. The offensive line is a big part of the problem, but it’s virtually the same group the Giants fielded in 2015 when they were a top-10 offense. Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan knows the onus lies with the coaches, and putting players in positions to succeed.

“If there are things that we’ve shown over and over again and it’s worked sometimes and it’s been shut down other times, then we as coaches have to be ready to adjust and say ‘how can we give a different look,’ or give something that looks the same and then hey, surprise, surprise it’s something else,” Sullivan said at his Thursday presser.

“That’s certainly a topic of discussion; something that we took a hard look at in terms of moving the receivers around, whether it’s Sterling playing a little bit more on the outside, Odell playing more on the inside, being in a wide variety of spots. … We’re going to certainly explore those possibilities.”

He also touched on Paul Perkins and reviving the run. Many feel Perkins has shown enough in limited action to warrant a bigger role in the offense. Sullivan likes what he sees from the rookie, but stopped short of anointing him, implying his pass protection is a work in progress.

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