Inaugural 5 Boro Senior All-Star Game Revives NYC Football Tradition

Image provided by City Grind Sports Net.

BROOKLYN, N.Y.  – The echoes of the Empire Challenge will reverberate once more at Old Boys Field on May 25th, when over 60 of New York City’s top high school football players clash in the inaugural 5 Boro Senior All-Star Game. This North vs. South showdown, organized by former Fort Hamilton High School quarterback, two-time PSAL champion and CEO of City Grind Sports Net (CGSN), Jeffery Legree Jr., aims to resurrect the spirit of the beloved all-star event, which was discontinued after the pandemic.

For Legree, the 5 Boro game is deeply personal. Growing up in Brooklyn, he found solace and purpose on the football field. “Football was like therapy for me,” Legree recalls. “It gave me the opportunity to escape my problems and play the game I loved.” One of his most cherished memories is being selected to play in the Empire Challenge All-Star Game, also known as the “Boomer Game,” sponsored by the Boomer Esiason Foundation.

Now, Legree is paying it forward, using his experience and passion for the sport to create opportunities for the next generation of athletes. Known in the community for his generosity and dedication to helping others, Legree wants to ensure that young players have the same chances he had to shine on the big stage.


Image provided by City Grind Sports Net.


The 5 Boro game aims to fill the void left by the Empire Challenge, providing a platform for graduating seniors to showcase their skills and potentially attract college recruiters. Alan A. Paturzo, legendary head coach of Susan Wagner High School and the winningest coach in Public School Athletic League (PSAL) history, is one of the event’s enthusiastic sponsors. He sees the game as a “game-changer” for young athletes, offering them a crucial opportunity to earn scholarships and further their education. “For any kid who doesn’t have a college to go to, this game will enhance their ability, maybe giving them another look and a chance to play at the next level.”

The event also emphasizes mentorship and learning. Roodley Lherisson, offensive line coach for the South team and owner of the Lineman Factory training academy, stresses the importance of continuous growth and improvement for young players both on and off the field. “Be open to learning. There’s always somebody working, always somebody improving. Whether in football or life, strive to be on par with those who excel.”

For players like Damian Sharpe, a defensive back from Canarsie High School, the 5 Boro game represents a chance to showcase his talent and fulfill his dreams of playing college football while pursuing a degree in medical engineering.

Tickets for the 5 Boro Senior All-Star Game are $20 and can be purchased at the gate. With over 60 of the city’s finest athletes ready to showcase their talent, the event promises an unforgettable evening of football, community spirit, and a tribute to the enduring legacy of the sport in New York City.


Image provided by of City Grind Sports Net.

Image provided by of City Grind Sports Net.

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